4 Sports Misko Sports Carries Equipment For

Misko Sports is proud to be Ord, Nebraska’s go-to sporting goods and wear store. We offer custom sports apparel and equipment, as well as team uniforms and embroidery. Below, we’ll go over some of the many sports we carry equipment for. Stop by today!

Image of a boy in a football uniform


When school begins and fall rolls around, football is king. Going to Friday night football games and watching on Saturdays and Sundays are a staple activity for many. Misko Sports offers custom uniforms and sporting equipment for your recreational and school sporting teams. Call today.

Image of a girl with a basketball uniform


When football wraps up, basketball kicks it into high gear. There’s something special about attending indoor sports, and we here at Misko Sports love being able to provide your basketball team with the best team gear, basketballs, and more. Get in touch today.

Image of a Volleyball team


Volleyball is such a great all-around sport, and girls love the competitive challenge playing as a team. Misko Sports offers the highest-quality volleyball sporting equipment and uniforms for your school or recreational teams. Learn more today.

Image of a man with baseball uniforms

Baseball & More

The days of summer mean baseball, and as spring rolls around, boys and girls near Ord get excited for the upcoming season. Whether you need the best sporting apparel for your team’s practices or you need custom uniforms with numbers and names, we’ve got your needs covered. Call today.


Misko Sports is passionate about ensuring Ord-area sports teams have everything they need to feel camaraderie and to win games. From the name-brand sporting equipment and apparel to the best swag, such as sporting jackets and sweatpants, you can rest assured you’ll be ready for the sports season. Stop by today!