Why Summer is the Time to Plan for Your Fall Sports Uniform Needs

Summer is the perfect time to plan your fall sports team uniforms. It may seem like you have plenty of time, but fall sports tend to sneak up quickly and leave you scrambling to ensure your team has the uniforms they need. Misko Sports offers the best custom team uniforms in Ord, Nebraska. Here are some reasons why summer is the time to plan for your fall sports uniform needs, and order today!

field hockey player in uniform
Avoid the Rush

Waiting until the last minute to order team uniforms can be stressful with a risk of not having them ready in time for the start of the season. Planning in the summer allows you to avoid last-minute rush orders, which can be more expensive and result in custom team uniform inaccuracies.

volleyball team in uniform

Early planning in the summer allows you to budget accordingly for your team uniform needs. This ensures that you are aware of what costs you can expect and helps you to better manage funds that have already been allocated for uniforms.

high school football players in uniform

Custom team uniforms can take time to design and create. Summer allows your team to design and order custom uniforms in time for fall sports. By planning early, you can make sure that your design is exactly how you imagined it and design modifications can be made. Order from Misko Sports today.

high school lacrosse players
Fittings and Sizing

Coordinating fittings and measuring your athletes early on ensures that the correct sizes are ordered and that everyone is comfortable in their sports gear. When uniforms are ordered late, the sizing process may not be as accurate, resulting in uniforms that don’t fit properly and no time to order the correct size.


Summer is the ideal time to plan your fall sports uniform needs to ensure that your team has the uniforms they need for the season. Misko Sports has been a fixture in Ord, Nebraska, for decades. Order all of your personalized athletic gear from us today!


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